Past Grant Recipients

2019 AHEI Grant Recipients

Give More Hugs (Lamesa, Texas) will promote early literacy and health and wellness during well check-up visits for children at clinics which serve low-income communities. Physicians will “prescribe” books to promote language development, healthy habits for a better future and encourage a love for reading. The program plans to provide access to books, promote literacy and reading, and educate about healthy habits in low-income families in North and West Texas. Project Name: Texas BookShare Project

Greenville County Medical Society Alliance (Greenville, South Carolina) will sponsor an event supporting a new Alliance project, Jasmine Road, a local non-profit, residential treatment and rehabilitation facility for victims of sex trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness. The event will begin with an outdoor, dance-style fitness class in downtown Greenville, SC allowing for increased public awareness. Following the outdoor class, a ticketed reception will follow in the adjacent Hyatt Regency Hotel. While a seemingly formal event, all guests will instead be in “athletic attire” and will enjoy food, silent auctions, music and a dance floor. Throughout the evening, speakers from Jasmine Road, including some of its first graduates, will take the stage providing additional education about human trafficking and the issues surrounding it. Project Name: Club Spandex.

Nueces County Medical Society Alliance (Corpus Christi, Texas) will sponsor the George Evans Elementary School students. This project affects the education and health of children from Pre-K to 5th grade. Ninety-eight percent of these students are from economically disadvantaged areas, and 75% are at risk of dropping out of school. Many of the students are from homeless shelters surrounding the school. The Nueces County Medical Society Alliance will be contributing to the purchase of a reading program. Once a month retired doctors will read to kindergarten students. The objective is to put students at ease with doctors & inspire them to enjoy reading. Healthy students learn more quickly and develop self esteem. Project Name: George Evans Elementary School Project.


2018 AHEI Grant Recipients

Greenville County Medical Alliance ( Greenville, South Carolina) will distribute medication disposal systems around the community while educating the public on the importance of safely disposing of leftover medications, including prescription pain relievers and controlled substances. Educational materials, flyers, and bookmarks will also be created for distribution. Alliance members will work will local pharmacies to provide disposal systems as well as educational materials. The Alliance also plans to rent a booth at a local farmers market to provide disposal bags and educational materials.   Grant funds will go toward purchase of medication disposal bags. Project name: Drug Disposal Education & Action Day. Download Report.

AMA Alliance Opioid Initiative Committee will supply each state and county leader attending the 2018 AMA Alliance Annual Meeting with a turnkey project consisting of three pieces: 3 different power point presentations with talking points (on flash drives), 25 door hangers with educational information about pill disposal, and a drug disposal pouch. This project will be launched in October with national, local and state alliances working together to bring national attention to this issue. Project name: AMA Alliance Opioid Initiative. Download Report.

Knoxville Academy of Medicine Alliance (Knoxville,, Tennessee) will work with the local Metro Drug Coalition to teach the Generation Rx curriculum to elementary age students in 5 schools in three targeted zip codes. One aspect of this project will be to work with the families of these students to provide prescription drug safety education, as well as a family activity to conduct an inventory of the medicine cabinets. Lock boxes will be offered to families who participate in the project to promote safe storage medications. Grant funds will go toward purchasing and printing of the curriculum. Project name: Minding Your Meds. Download Report.

Poe Center for Health Education (Raleigh, North Carolina) and the North Carolina Medical Society Alliance will collaborate to implement a “Drugs Uncovered” program which is a 2 hour program for adults focusing on prescription medications, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. A mock teen bedroom will provide the backdrop for this program. The program will also include information on proper disposal of prescription medications, and each participant will be given a resource packet to take home. A complementary youth program will be developed and provided to youth across the state. AHEI will partially fund the medication disposal bags used in this project. Project name: Opioid Epidemic Uncovered. Download Report.

Nueces County Medical Society Alliance (Corpus Christi, Texas) will provide hygiene kits, jeans and t-shirts to students in an economically disadvantaged area of Corpus Christi, TX. Many of these students live in one of the homeless shelters around the school and are migrants who leave school to pick crops in South Texas. These students are often behind in their studies when they return to school. The kits will be distributed as part of a hygiene lesson during class time. Project name: George Evans Elementary School Project. Download Report

University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston will develop visually-based, culturally relevant psychoeducational tools in an effort to improve mental health literacy among individuals with serious mental illness as well as their caregivers. Mental health providers will use these tools at an academic safety-net hospital serving low income, uninsured individuals in Houston, TX. Tools will include provider psychoeduational manuals, teach-back clinical support cards, and educational pamphlets for patients and family caregivers. AHEI funds will be earmarked to fund the teach back cards and the health education manuals. Project Name: Project TEACH: Using a Participatory Approach to Improve Mental Health Literacy During Psychiatric Hospitalization

Final.Report – Project Teach
Powerpoint – Patient Psychoeducation Workbook


2017 AHEI Grant Recipients

Kent County Medical Society Alliance (Grand Rapids, Michigan) will host a community educational forum targeting parents of middle and high school students. Education will be focused on prevention efforts and speakers will discuss statistics on opioid users, who is impacted, how to identify behavioral cues in one’s own children, where to find support, and how to properly dispose of prescribed narcotics. A drug take back service will also be available.   Project name: Opioid Awareness Community Education Forum. Download Report

Community Care Clinic of Rowan County (Salisbury, North Carolina) staff and volunteers will be provided professional training in American Diabetes Association’s Conversational Mapping. This training will allow staff to engage patients in a process that allows them to explore health facts through dialogue. Staff and volunteers will then coach approximately 150 diabetics through weekly classes. Project name:  Beat Diabetes Through Education and Outcomes.  Download Report

Knoxville Academy of Medicine Alliance (Knoxville, Tennessee) will work with the Metro Drug Coalition and local pharmacies to distribute prescription medications in bags that are preprinted with a Count It! Lock It! Drop It! message. A total of 75,000 bags are expected to be distributed and 1,500 pounds of medications are expected to be collected and disposed of at accepted sites. Project name: Medication Safety…Count It! Lock It! Drop ItDownload Report.

Washtenaw County Medical Society Alliance, Corner Health Center and University of Michigan medical students (Ann Arbor Michigan) will work together with the Youth Theater Troup on a performance regarding identifying and preventing youth and adult suicides, including bullying and depression. The goal is to educate the community and students on youth and young adult suicidal symptoms, risk factors and resources. Project name: Teen Health Project. Download Report

Greenville County Medical Society Alliance (Greenville, South Carolina) will make 250 patient activity pouches for pediatric patients at the local children’s hospital. Pouches will contain items to entertain and educate pediatric patients while hospitalized or waiting on healthcare visits. Project name: Patient Pouch-A-Thon. Download Report.


2016 AHEI Grant Recipients

Girls Light Our Way (Peoria, Illinois) is an organization created to improve the lives of girls in the areas of physical, nutritional and social-emotional health, self efficacy, and financial literacy. The primary goal of GLOW is to reduce disparity and improve economic access through activities-based and leadership training skills. This project will use yoga sessions to teach these adolescent girls mind-body connection, nutrition, and relaxation techniques. Funding was provided to purchase supplies for the yoga series.   Project name: GLOW FLOW Yoga Series. Download Report

Sangamon County Medical Society & Alliance (Springfield, Illinois) will organize an educational program to address physician burnout in the area for medical professionals. The Alliance will develop an educational piece on burnout to distribute to attendees and to make available to those unable to attend. An AMA speaker will be secured and CME will be offered. Project name: Addressing Physician Burnout in Medical Providers: Building Resilient Physician Families and Office Support Staff. Download Report

Greenville County Medical Society Alliance (Greenville, South Carolina) will expand upon its healthy cooking demonstrations at the local free medical clinic. Funding will be used to buy supplies for this project and to make it mobile and able to be implemented in the waiting area where more patients can participate and sample the food. Recipes will be provided to those interested. Classes will be held monthly between September and May, with a different theme emphasized each month. Project name: Cooking for Better Health. Download Report

Washington-Unicoi-Johnson Counties Medical Alliance (Johnson City, Tennessee) will use funds to purchase digital thermometers to distribute to needy families with children who visit the local Community Health Center  Pediatricians and other medical providers have been unable to retrieve reliable information and history from parents who had no thermometer and could only report “baby felt warm.” Education and instruction will be given to families at time of thermometer distribution. Project name: Thermometer Distribution to Indigent Families. Download Report


2015 AHEI Grant Recipients

Achieving Dreams (Tyler, Texas), whose mission in part is to enrich the lives of adults with special needs, will receive funding to purchase equipment to develop exercise programs for their clients. They will track the client’s body mass index, blood pressure, weight and steps. The project will alternate aerobic, weight and balance training in the curriculum while trackingthe above measures. Project name: Achieving Healthy Steps. Download report

The Good Samaritan Health Center; Wildflower Clinic (St. Augustine, Florida) will use their grant funding to purchase medical equipment and supplies to serve the uninsured and low income populations of the county. Supplies will be purchased to provide wound care to the homeless and PAP smears, pelvic exams and breast exams for women. Project name: Wildflower ClinicDownload report.

The Nueces County Medical Society Alliance, Del Mar College & South Texas Family Planning and Health Corporation (Corpus Christi, Texas) have partnered to implement a project to provide low income college freshmen with the meningococcal vaccine. Project name: Young Adult Vaccine Initiative: Delmar No College Kid Left BehindDownload report

The Mahoning County Medical Society/Alliance & Akron Children’s Hospital, (Akron, Ohio) have partnered to implement a project to address the problem of infant mortality in their community. A safe sleep kit will be designed with educational materials to distribute to at risk babies in several pediatric care facilities. Project name: Safe Sleep ProgramDownload report.